Why Become a Grand Challenges Scholar?

The GCSP is a special initiative of the National Academy of Engineering, which is the preeminent engineering organization in the world. The National Academy of Engineering has identified fourteen "Grand Challenges" that engineers face in order to make progress toward a sustainable world — one that provides all people with more than just their basic needs and aspires to a higher level of living. The Grand Challenges Scholars Program at Bucknell seeks to educate students about the Grand Challenges, instill in them a passion for solving these and other important interdisciplinary problems, and equip them to pursue the Grand Challenges through their research and work.

Who Should Apply?

The GCSP is targeted at students who care about the social implications of their future work, who want to play a vital role in improving conditions in their communities or on this earth, who are intellectually curious and committed to learning in a variety of contexts. Participation in the program engages students in a set of broadening, enriching, worthwhile and valued activities that will make them better students, better citizens and more valuable employees.

As such, GC Scholars are part of a selective group recognized by faculty, classmates, graduate schools and employers for engaging in a transformative set of special education experiences, including some that are limited to GC Scholars. GC Scholars who complete the program requirements receive a framed certificate and a letter from the National Academy of Engineering upon graduation.