Grand Challenges Scholars Program

Prepare to make a difference in addressing the most pressing challenges facing society today. Through purpose-driven learning experiences focused on the 14 "grand challenges" that engineers face as they work to create a more sustainable planet, students can earn recognition as Grand Challenges Scholars from the National Academy of Engineering.

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program at Bucknell incorporates the four grand challenges themes of sustainability, health, security and social access. Participating students receive mentorship on how to integrate these themes into the many curricular and co-curricular activities they undertake throughout their college careers.

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Program Competencies

By joining the Grand Challenges Scholars Program, you'll gain valuable skills and competencies as you engage with and develop solutions for emerging global issues.

  • Research and scholarship: Experience with a mentored research or creative endeavor on a topic associated with a grand challenge
  • Multidisciplinary focus: Understanding of multidisciplinary solutions developed through personal engagement
  • Entrepreneurship: Understanding the necessity of viable business models for solution implementation
  • Multicultural: Developing cultural competency to ensure cultural acceptance of proposed engineering solutions
  • Social consciousness: The understanding that solutions should primarily serve people and society

Examples of Co-Curricular Activities:

Grand Challenges Scholars Program Directors

Associate Professor Jessica Newlin

Associate Professor Amal Kabalan


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