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The program highlights the complex interplay between market research and strategic brand management. Exploring a range of creative, analytical and technical processes, students generate ideas and transform those ideas into images, products and services.

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Yani Lettman Peyton '93

Yani Lettman Peyton '93

The daughter of Costa Rican parents, a bilingual speaker of Spanish and English and the mother of twins, Yani Lettman Peyton '93 has found her place in the business world.

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In today’s economy, creativity might be the most valuable commodity of all. Companies need ingenious solutions to reach customers in a marketplace getting more crowded day by day.

By studying markets, innovation and design, you will make envisioning a better world a habit, and you will transform ideas in your head into finished images, products and services that shape our culture. Recognize what consumers want — even before they know they want it — and how to satisfy those desires. Our focus on innovation is one reason some of the leading companies and organizations in the world actively recruit our graduates.

The markets, innovation and design program exposes students to the orchestration, design, logic and strategy underlying organizations' key marketing practices. The program highlights the complex interplay between market research and strategic brand management. Exploring a range of creative, analytical and technical processes, students generate ideas and transform those ideas into images, products and services. Applying quantitative and qualitative techniques for identifying consumers' needs, they gain experience turning design ideas into reality.

Our Philosophy

We are all scholars here.  We have a duty to our profession, our society, and our students to engage in scholarship as a life-long search for new answers to intellectually vital questions. By our example as scholars, we teach our students the importance of an abiding curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Students come first. We base every decision on what is best for our students, and though reasonable people disagree about what is "best," we do not accept decisions premised on any lesser standard.

The right to be authentic. We believe in allowing each faculty member the autonomy to express their uniqueness as teachers, scholars, and community members. The interplay among these diverse perspectives, rather than any one best model of pedagogy or scholarship, promotes learning, passion, and innovation.

Truly professional education. We are committed to our students' professional development. We define "professional" broadly to include technical competence, intellectual depth, and moral development. The truly professional manager is not constrained by narrow conventions but understands organizations, has the skills and creativity to lead them, and thinks deeply and responsibly about their impact on society.

Leave room for community.  Even in our autonomy, we are responsible to each other, to help each other achieve our professional goals and to work together in common cause. We value the fundamental trust and easy collegiality that we share.

Faculty Spotlight

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Richard Kedzior

Assistant Professor of Markets, Innovation & Design

Richard Kedzior

"If you harness the creativity of students who are genuinely interested and bring materials themselves - that is where it is really getting interesting because they will co-create their classroom experience. It keeps everyone engaged."

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Doug Allen

Professor of Management; Chair, Markets, Innovation & Design Program; Co-director Institute for Leadership in Technology & Management (ILTM)

Doug Allen

Professor Allen's research is in the area of consumer behavior, focusing on issues related to how consumers make intuitive choices, the sociohistorically embedded nature of consumption, branding, financial investing as a consumption phenomenon, and the relationship between selfie experience and self-concept.

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Hands-on Experiences

Experiential course

Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF)

This two-semester experiential course exposes students to the intellectual and practical challenges of running a small investment company. This select group of Bucknell seniors manages approximately $1.7 million of Bucknell's endowment.

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Internships provide management and accounting students with real-world business experience, professional development and networking benefits. Bucknell's Career Development Center helps students identify and apply for internships with companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

outside the classroom

Study Abroad

At Bucknell, management and accounting majors often enhance their studies by spending a summer, semester or year abroad through one of Bucknell's own "in" programs or through one of many approved programs around the world.


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