West Branch magazine, housed in Bucknell's Stadler Center for Poetry, offers a competitive, semester-length, non-paid internship for qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors who may wish to pursue a career in publishing. The internship will be most relevant to students interested in creative writing; contemporary literature; or magazine publishing, editing, marketing, and management, literary or otherwise. Students from any major are welcome to apply. The West Branch internship is available in the fall and spring semesters of each year.

    The West Branch internship will require 6-10 hours of work per week, some of which may be completed away from the office. Though the internship is offered on a nonpaid basis, interns will earn one non-traditional study course credit for successful completion of the semester-length program. The internship is equivalent to one class.

    West Branch is a semiannual journal of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and reviews, published in the spring and fall of each year by Bucknell University. West Branch is distributed nationally by Ingram Periodicals, Inc. Established in 1977, West Branch will soon celebrate its thirty-fifth anniversary. West Branch receives several thousand unsolicited manuscripts per year from writers nationwide and abroad, both emerging writers and well established ones. Editorial staff for West Branch consists of G.C. Waldrep, Editor; Andrew Ciotola, Managing & Book Review Editor; and several associate editors located on- and off-site.

    The West Branch intern will assist the editors in all levels of magazine production, from initial screening of received manuscripts to checking final page proofs before printing. The intern may expect to be involved in the organization, editing, production, distribution, and promotion of the issue to be published during his or her tenure. Applicants should be aware that not all duties will be equally challenging; however, all duties will be of equal importance to the successful and timely production of the magazine. The duties to which the intern will be assigned are duties that are common to most periodical journals and magazines, making the internship an excellent experience for students who are exploring publishing as a career path. Upon completion of the program, the intern can expect to receive a letters of recommendation to potential employers from the editors of West Branch.

    Some intern duties will depend on the experience and interests of the intern. Duties may include some of the following:

    • Joining editors in regular meetings to review submitted poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.
    • Conducting an interview via email with a West Branch author.
    • Overseeing the submission database.
    • Keeping abreast of developments in other literary journals.
    • Maintaining the West Branch webpage.
    • Developing proofreading and copyediting skills.
    • Manuscript evaluation.
    • Clerical and organizational responsibilities.

    In addition to routine duties to be completed each week, the intern will be expected to take responsibility for one or more larger projects, to be developed and realized over the course of the semester. In this and other business, the intern may be asked to draw on his/her language and analytic abilities as an English major, knowledge of library and research methods, computer skills, and organizational proficiency. The editors may actively seek the intern's insight on a variety of topics. The intern will be required to attend all routine editorial meetings (not more than one per week). As an important member of the West Branch team, the intern's name will appear on the masthead of the issue to which he/she contributes.

    Since an academic element is necessary in order for the intern to receive course credit, the intern also will be required to complete one large or two small papers on subjects dealing with literary publishing, ultimately to be graded by the sponsoring faculty member.

    The intern will meet on a regular basis with the managing editor to discuss magazine business and the intern's progress on routine duties and larger projects.

    Students interested in the West Branch internship are required to submit a letter of interest, resume, and unofficial academic transcript, and names and contact info for two professional references. (Letters of recommendation are not necessary).

    Applications should be sent by email to stadlercenter@bucknell.edu by the posted deadline. Please contact Andrew Ciotola, Managing Editor (ciotola@bucknell.edu) for information regarding deadlines, availability, and any other concerns.