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Each year, the Center for Sustainability & the Environment presents two signature, weekend-long events shining a light on sustainability and the environmental health of our region: the Susquehanna River Symposium and the Sustainability Symposium. We also host visiting speakers and interactive, educational events throughout the academic year.

Susquehanna River Symposium

Nov. 3-4, 2023

Since 2006, the annual Susquehanna River Symposium has connected students, scientists and engineers from throughout the Susquehanna River region. Participants share ideas about issues within the watershed and increase awareness of river health, environmental policy and sustainability issues facing the mid-Atlantic. In addition to scientific panels and keynote speakers, the event also features a student research poster competition, open to college and university students from throughout the region.

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Sustainability Symposium

April 14-15, 2023

Since 2013, Bucknell's annual Sustainability Symposium has explored diverse aspects of sustainability from multiple disciplinary perspectives using a range of approaches, from the scientific to the creative. This event features:

  • Faculty-led panels examining sustainability themes from diverse perspectives
  • Keynote talks by leading sustainability practitioners
  • Poster sessions featuring student research on sustainability topics
  • Creative displays, art installations and demonstrations that exemplify sustainability
  • Student-led activities oriented toward collective action on sustainability

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