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Learn to read, write and speak Italian while immersing yourself in Italian culture and society. As an Italian studies student at Bucknell, you'll join an experiential, tight-knit community offering opportunities for personal growth and distinctive job preparation. That's true whether you major in Italian studies or enhance your chosen discipline with a second major or minor in the language. Take courses in Italian language, culture, literature and cinema and study abroad in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Padua or Florence. You'll graduate with intercultural awareness and critical-thinking skills to broaden any career path. Recent graduates have pursued teaching, marketing, paralegal work, politics, management, social work, medicine and law.

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Degree Requirements

The major in Italian studies requires seven courses and combines language proficiency, cultural knowledge and a culminating experience. The minor consists of a minimum of five course credits.

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Language Placement Exam

Whether you intend to continue a language you studied in high school or wish to explore a new one, an online placement test is required to enroll in language courses. Your exam score and academic record will inform the final placement decision. We recommend that all students with past language experience take the placement test as early as possible. First-year students will be automatically directed to the exam during course registration. Sophomores, juniors and seniors should contact the academic department prior to course registration.

Language placement exam

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Study Abroad

Italian studies majors are encouraged to study abroad in a Bucknell-approved program. Our students refine their language skills and delve into Italian culture through a full immersion experience in Bologna, Milan, Padova, Rome or Florence.

Italian Club

The Bucknell Italian Club is a student run organization that promotes the deeper understanding of culture, history and society of Italy throughout the university community. The Italian studies community extends far beyond the classroom with events open to the entire Bucknell and Lewisburg communities. Past events have included:

  • Festa del Gelato
  • Cooking classes
  • Field trips to the Opera
  • Italian Lunch Table - a chance to share a meal and converse in Italian with our teaching assistants!

Keep up with our events throughout the year

Any Bucknell student is eligible for membership. No prior knowledge of the Italian language is necessary.

For more information please contact Lisa Perrone

Careers and Opportunities

No matter the major or the career path, students in the Italian Studies department have taken opportunities and jobs across the globe in a wide variety of industries. The one thing they all have in common is the experience of the Italian language and culture.

Some of our recent graduates have taken jobs at CVS Health, Accenture Federal Services and Universal McCann. While others have accepted opportunities through the SITE (Study Intercultural Training Experience) Program, where they will teach English in Italian schools while immersing themselves in the illustrious Italian culture.

Studying a foreign language, culture and communication strategy will help you participate in the global community, develop insight into your own language and culture and enhance your job marketability in any career. So, where will Italian take you?

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