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SMIF trip in NYC

Experiential learning is where you'll go beyond the classroom and into the real world of management as it's practiced across a wide spectrum of industries. Explore Silicon Valley's culture of innovation first-hand at the headquarters of companies like Google, Facebook and Uber. Step onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Learn about the food industry from the manufacturers of Pennsylvania's beloved Tastykake brand. Find a mentor at one of the world's leading investment firms who's eager to guide your future. And meet the industry movers and shakers who'll come right here to talk to you. The people you meet, connections you make and experiences you have will all inform and deepen what you learn in class, drive your desire to keep exploring.

To get involved in any of the programs below, contact:

Missy Gutkowski, Assistant Dean for Experiential Learning
121 Holmes Hall

Freeman Fellows

Freeman Fellows is the first-year mentoring program for students entering the Freeman College of Management. In the summer before you arrive at Bucknell, you will be paired with a junior or senior student mentor who will help answer questions as you navigate your first year of college. In the fall semester, you will meet in small groups in your Management 100 class, where Freeman Fellows will serve as teaching assistants. In this informative first-semester course, you will explore all areas of management offered at Bucknell as you meet weekly with your mentor, build connections with your classmates, and learn about resources and programs, including study-abroad opportunities like our management abroad program in Dublin. Throughout your entire first year, your student mentor will be there to answer questions and help you connect with internship and career resources, clubs and societies, opportunities to connect with our accomplished alumni, and more.

For questions about the program, or to apply to serve as a mentor for first-year students, please contact:

Ivy Kepner, Academic Associate Dean, Freeman College of Management

Connect with Global Business Leaders

Today they're leaders at some of the world's leading banking, securities and investment firms. But they were once in your shoes, and they're here to guide your way forward.

The Bucknell Mentorship Program partners first-year students with experienced mentors at companies including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Accenture and Deloitte. These relationships will help you plan for your future and give you insider access to these top global firms, which have a long tradition of employing Bucknell graduates.

Students talk with Michael Pistillo Jr.

Experience Management in the Real World — and Around the World

Trips and abroad programs transport students to the places where business happens, from board rooms to factory floors. Explore the intersection of sustainability and management in Costa Rica, find an internship in your field while studying Irish literature in Dublin, or get an up-close view of the tech industry at the headquarters of Google, Facebook and Lyft. You'll come to understand how management takes place in a variety of places and cultural contexts, making you a versatile manager who can adapt to any situation.

Check out our blog for updates on program information and applications.

    Ken Freeman at the senior lunch

    Network at Freeman Week & Business Trends Summit

    This annual celebration of management education at Bucknell connects students with CEOs, partners and industry leaders from across fields. You'll build your professional network as you explore the latest trends in industries from finance to fashion, sustainability to social entrepreneurship.

    Explore New Directions Through Our Speaker Series

    Our speaker series bring business innovators from Bucknell's powerful professional network to campus to speak to you — helping you build a professional network of your own.

    • The Walling Lecture Series brings top business leaders and management scholars to Bucknell to speak and network with students.
    • Finance Speaker Series is a course where you'll learn from financial professionals who are immersed in the real world of markets and investments.
    • Coffee hours and lunches provide opportunities for students to network with and learn from business professionals, including Bucknell alumni and parents.
    • The Beyond Bucknell Speaker Series provides students with professional narratives of alumni and parents.

    Bucknell Women in Finance

    Get Involved in Student Management Clubs

    • Bison Finance Society Student Club
    • Bucknell Consulting Group
    • Bucknell Retail Club
    • Bucknell Real Estate Club
    • Bison Business Alliance Student Club
    • Women in Finance Student Club

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