Office Move Procedures

The following guidelines are intended to help expedite the moving of offices by providing a common understanding of who is responsible for the associated tasks.

Department Responsibilities

  • The office occupant is responsible for packing their office contents in boxes and generally preparing their office for the move. If the occupant is unable to pack their office due to health or absence, such as a sabbatical, the department is responsible for developing a plan to pack the office. Facilities staff is not responsible for packing tasks.
  • Department lounge spaces or other spaces with department-specific furnishings and equipment will need to be packed and prepared for moving by the department.
  • When moving University artwork, coordinate the handling and move with the Samek Art Museum.
  • Shredding bins can be obtained by contacting Procurement Services.
  • Contact Human Resources with new office locations to update the University directory.

Department Move Representative

Designate a department representative as the main point-of-contact for the move. This individual will be responsible for:

  • Communicating move information to everyone else within the department, including schedules and packing supply needs.
  • Coordinating computer moves with the L&IT department liaison. Please contact Peggy Straub in the Phone Office with any temporary office locations and final office locations so that the 911 system can be updated.
  • Coordinating the move of copiers and other equipment procured through Publications, Print & Mail.
  • Coordinating a mail pickup and delivery plan with Publications, Print & Mail.

Packing Instructions

  • Each box must be labeled. Labels will be provided by facilities and must include the faculty or staff member's name and new room number. To request labels, email
  • Furniture that is moving with the occupant must be labeled with the faculty or staff member's name and new room number. Labels are removable and won't damage furniture finishes. Labels will be provided by Facilities. To request labels, email
  • To request other packing supplies including boxes, tape and bubble wrap from Facilities, email
  • All desk drawers, lateral filing cabinets, shelves, etc., must be unloaded and items packed in boxes. If you can't lift a box then it will be too heavy for others. Please reduce the weight so Facilities staff can handle it safely.
  • Vertical filing cabinets up to four drawers, whose drawers can be removed, typically do not need to be unloaded. Where there are exceptions, the contents will need to be packed in boxes by the occupant.

Facilities Responsibilities

  • Facilities will provides boxes, packing labels, tape and bubble wrap at the request of the department representative. Email
  • Facilities will moves boxes and furniture only to on-campus locations or University storage. Facilities personnel will not deliver items off-campus or to homes. Bucknell trucks and vans cannot be used for this purpose either.
  • Facilities personnel are not responsible for packing offices or other department spaces.

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