Visiting Construction Sites

Visits to construction sites offer unique opportunities for student learning in a number of disciplines.

In the interest of safety, those wishing to visit construction sites must make a formal request to do so through Facilities and the dean of their college, and adhere to certain restrictions. Requests for construction site access must be based within an academic or class need. 

Written Requests

The requesting faculty member, staff member or student must request the visit in writing and include a copy to the dean of their college. The following must be included in writing: 

  1. The purpose of the requested visit. (What it is that the individual or class wants to view. For example: site foundation, structural elements, materials, or electrical and mechanical features.)
  2. The number of guests or students who wish to be on site. At least one chaperone or guide per eight to 10 visitors is required. If a class is over 20 students, the number of chaperones/guides will be one per 10 students.
  3. Requests must be submitted a minimum of 15 working days prior to the desired tour date.
  4. Requests should provide the desired date(s), the number of attendees and names of chaperones/guides.
  5. Recurring visits (for example, weekly visits as part of a class) may require additional information and/or safety precautions.

Please note: Due to the nature and safety concerns on a construction site, visits are limited to University-level academic experiences. Summer camps with their professors may view projects from the outside of the construction zone.

Response to requests will vary based on the date, time and total visitors requested on site. The minimum response time is five working days.

Tours will be coordinated by the project manager responsible for the project with the contractor responsible for the site, dean's office staff and/or faculty members. All visitors must be escorted at all times by either someone from the project team or Bucknell Facilities.

Under no circumstances should requests be directed to the contractor. 

Appropriate Attire for Protection

  • Attire: Long pants are required.
  • Footwear: Sturdy shoes are required. Boots are preferred. Open-toed shoes are not acceptable. No high heels or platform shoes may be worn on site.
  • Safety gear: Visitors to work sites must wear hard hats and eye protection. Planning, Design & Construction cannot provide hard hats for groups larger than 10; please provide your own gear accordingly.

Tour Hours 

Visits and tours will take place after 4 p.m. to avoid impacting contractor activities and construction safety. A 3:30 p.m. start may be possible in some cases.

The duration of walking tours will be limited to a one-hour maximum. 

Safety Training 

Construction sites contain tripping and falling hazards. Before we allow visitors to proceed into a site, a brief safety orientation will be provided to professors, guides and students. Specific details of the orientation will vary depending on the hazards present at the time of the tour. 

Contact Details

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