Timeline & Resources

Bucknell has outlined a timeline for the Middle States Accreditation Self-study process and included helpful links and resources for all interested constituents.

Here are a few upcoming deadlines in Bucknell's re-accreditation review:

Bucknell Self-study Timetable

Prior to Spring Break (March 10, 2023)
  • Working Groups draft reports for each standard
  • Working Groups continue to consult with designated consultants, including relevant committees and offices
  • Working Groups submit draft reports to Steering Committee by March 10
After Spring Break
  • Steering Committee provides feedback to Working Groups by April 17
  • Final reports from Working Groups due May 31
  • MSCHE selects Evaluation Team Chair
  • Bucknell sends Self-Study Design to the Evaluation Team Chair
  • Team Chair and Bucknell select dates for the Evaluation Team Chair’s preliminary visit and the Evaluation Team visit
Summer 2023
  • Leadership team reviews reports and outlines executive summary and introduction
  • Self-Study narrative is drafted. Working Group Co-chairs consulted as needed
  • Design, format and editing
Sept. – Oct. 2023
  • Draft of Self-Study shared with campus community and Board of Trustees
  • Open Office Hours for feedback/discussion
  • Self-Study revised as needed
  • Revised Self-Study draft is sent to Team Visit Chair (two weeks before visit)
Nov. – Dec. 2023
  • Team Chair preliminary visit
  • Self-Study is finalized, based on Team Chair feedback and shared with the community and trustees
Spring 2024
  • Self-Study uploaded to the MSCHE portal six weeks before the team visit (dates to be determined)
  • Evidence Inventory documentation uploaded to the MSCHE portal
Feb. – March 2024
  • Host MSCHE Visiting Team on campus
  • Team report
  • Institutional response
March – April 2024
  • Middle States Commission meets to determine action

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