First-year students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Freeman College of Management are required to enroll in a Foundation Seminar in the fall semester.

Foundation Seminars are small classes of about 16 students taught by faculty from a wide range of disciplines across the University. Many of the seminars are interdisciplinary, but they each introduce students to college-level work and expectations. Your instructor will encourage you to become an active, independent learner as well as to participate in collaborative learning experiences with your classmates. You will have the opportunity to develop your critical thinking and communication skills and become familiar with library and technology resources.

Choose whichever Foundation Seminar interests you most. Note that if you choose a seminar designated as Residential Colleges (RESC) course, you’ll be part of the Residential Colleges program, which past participants often cite as a highlight of their time at Bucknell.

Your Instructor = Your Adviser

Your Foundation Seminar instructor will also be an academic adviser for you for the first two years and get to know you personally.

If you are a Bachelor of Arts student, your instructor will be your only adviser; if you are a Bachelor of Science student, the seminar instructor will serve in an informal advisory capacity, but another adviser in your program will serve as your official adviser for curricular requirements in your major.

Seminars and Housing

Students in the Residential Colleges foundations seminars are housed together by College. (See for more information.)