International Student Orientation

Aug. 11–14, 2020

Students at International Orientation

2020 International Student Orientation dates:

*Tuesday, Aug. 11–Friday, Aug. 14
(New Student Orientation in-person sessions begin Friday, Aug. 14) 

*International students will receive detailed arrival information from International Student Services (ISS). Please contact ISS staff with specific questions about your situation.

There's a world of different cultures at Bucknell, and International Student Orientation gives new international students an opportunity to settle in, explore campus and form a supportive community before New Student Orientation begins. Because of visa compliance requirements, attendance is mandatory for any international student on a U.S. visa., including teaching assistants and exchange students.

The program is sponsored by International Student Services and run by enthusiastic upperclass student leaders. They'll welcome you to Bucknell and maintain their relationship with you throughout your first year here — and beyond. This fun, hands-on program serves as a strong beginning that sets the tone for your years on campus.

What You’ll Do 

Guided by International Student Orientation leaders, you'll build a globally minded community of support at Bucknell as you get to know other students from countries around the world and discover the diversity of countries represented on campus. 

This program will answer all of your questions about daily life at Bucknell and ensure that you're set up to succeed from the first day of classes. You'll have the opportunity to complete your immigration registration, open a bank account and receive your medical history clearance. In addition, you will meet academic deans, faculty and staff as you learn about health insurance, academic support resources, library services on campus and more.

There's plenty of time for fun as well. The week includes programs designed to help you learn more about Bucknell and your fellow students.

You'll emerge from International Student Orientation with a set of friends from around the world, at least one upperclass student mentor, and essential information about academic and cultural adjustment. 

International Student Orientation: many cultures, one campus

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Who Is International Student Orientation For?

This program is mandatory for all international first-year students on a U.S. visa (including teaching assistants and exchange students) and optional for any incoming first-year student who is interested in other cultures. We welcome U.S. students, "third-culture kids" and everyone in between.

What Does It Cost?

There is no cost to participate in Bucknell University's International Student Orientation.

Kareen George '22

The international student community here at Bucknell is very warm and close-knit, and most of us have remained good friends ever since International Student Orientation in our first year!

Kareen George '22, Island of Dominica

Connect With Other Participants

Email for information about how to contact group members on social media prior to arrival.

Jennifer Figueroa


60 Langone Center

International Student Services


064 Elaine Langone Center


8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.