Volunteering at Bucknell

Each year, more than 4,000 alumni, parents, families and friends lend their time and skills to build a stronger and more vibrant Bucknell. Share your talent with the Bucknell community — from wherever you live and work. Choose from dozens of easy ways to get involved, give back and stay connected both professionally and socially.

Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Ways to Help as a Bucknell Parent

As a Bucknell parent, you are one of our most valuable ambassadors. You can help raise awareness of the University in your community, every day. At your job, your place of worship, and with friends and family, you can spread the word about Bucknell and build the University's reputation simply by sharing your child's experience with others. And by volunteering for the University, you can share your Bucknell story with an even wider audience.

Assist the First‐year Parent Welcome Call Program

Telephone first‐year parents in your geographic area to welcome them to the Bucknell family, answer questions and serve as a contact.
If you have questions, contact: 

Center for Alumni & Family Engagement

Volunteer Mission Statement

Bucknell University volunteers represent alumni, parents and the greater community by enhancing and promoting the University’s mission, goals, programs and general well-being.

Bucknell volunteers provide important connections, communication and engagement through their donations of time and expertise, which allow the University to maximize its resources, furthering its overall impact and success.

Volunteer Agreement Form

As part of our annual process for all volunteers, please complete the online Volunteer Agreement. It's quick and simple!

We occasionally share sensitive information with you, and it is important to Bucknell that we retain an annual statement that you are aware of our volunteer policies. This agreement addresses data confidentiality, event hosting guidelines and filing taxes related to volunteer expenses and we appreciate your time in reviewing and completing this annual form.

Thank you for helping to engage alumni, parents and students through your role!

Questions? Email volunteer@bucknell.edu.

Volunteer Tenets of Responsibility

  • Always represent Bucknell in a professional manner
  • Treat Bucknell constituent information with care
  • Engage in open and consistent communication and collaboration
  • Stay informed of Bucknell news and promote the University
  • Serve as a positive Bucknell ambassador
  • Provide acts of leadership, education, networking and connection in efforts to support and strengthen Bucknell
  • Execute the duties outlined in your volunteer role description (as applicable)

The Center for Alumni & Family Engagement


Alumni House
90 University Ave.


8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.