Muslim Life at Bucknell

Campus Muslim prayer room

Muslim Life at Bucknell is facilitated by the Chaplain for the Muslim Community and the Muslim Students Association, both of which are located in South Campus Apartments, Davis Hall. Together, we provide the space and opportunity for Muslim students, faculty and staff to explore their faith in a safe and nurturing environment. Through a variety of programs, events and opportunities for interfaith engagement, we help promote increased literacy about the Islamic faith and Muslim cultures/practices among members of the Bucknell community.

Regular activities include Friday congregational prayers, weekly in-home meal, halaqas (discussion groups), and movie nights.

Muslim Community Space

Located in the first floor of Davis Hall South Campus Apartments, Building 2, complete with a prayer room, gathering space, kitchen, wudu washing station and a student work office. The area is open to students via swipe card access every day, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, for social gathering as well as prayer.
Muslims traditionally pray five times a day. Jum'ah Friday prayers are held in the prayer room of the Muslim Community Space every Friday afternoon from 2:10-2:50pm. 

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