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At Bucknell, we believe strongly in the transformative power of education. We prepare outstanding teachers who study the philosophy, history, sociology and psychology of education. We offer a deeply immersive experience, placing our majors in local public schools from their first through senior year. Our graduates secure jobs in elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. and abroad, or use the broad knowledge they gain to launch careers in fields as diverse as business, government, law and medicine. Whatever path you take, our programs empower you to be a force for positive change.

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Degree Programs

The Department of Education offers specialized degree programs for students with different academic interests and career goals.

The bachelor of arts in education is designed for students who are interested in studying education as an academic field, but not necessarily interested in a career in public school teaching. The program examines the relationship between educational institutions and society, as well as the nature of learning and learners. Bachelor of arts students select one of two concentrations:

  • Growth, Change and Learning
  • Educational Policy and Social Change

The bachelor of science program is a major in early childhood education (pre-K–grade 4) and is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in early childhood education and obtain teaching certification.

A five-course minor in education is also available to students majoring in other disciplines. Students may choose to concentrate their studies into areas of specialization such as growth, change and learning, or educational policy and social change.

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Student Teaching

Early Education Student teaching a lesson

Work in public school classrooms from your first year

As a Bucknell education student, you can get into the classroom and begin assisting teachers in local public schools as soon as your first year. These opportunities continue throughout your education, culminating in a student-teaching experience — giving you the real-world experience you'll need to lead your own classroom.

Teacher Certification Programs

Bucknell offers teacher-preparation programs leading to certification in Pennsylvania in:

  • Art
  • Early childhood education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Social studies
  • Sciences
  • Foreign languages

Certification is available at the early childhood, K–12 and 7–12 levels.

Students completing teaching certification programs in elementary education, early childhood education, English, mathematics or a foreign language can also obtain additional certification as an ESL program specialist.

Students seeking state teaching certification may major in the bachelor of science in education degree program or in the subject that they plan to teach.

Education Certification Programs

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