Need-based Grants

If you are an admitted student who has financial need as calculated by Bucknell's Office of Financial Aid, you may be awarded a Bucknell Need-Based Grant.

Academic Scholarships

If you are an admitted student who has shown the most outstanding academic achievement within our applicant pool, you may be awarded one of these merit scholarships:


If you apply for financial aid you may borrow under several loan programs, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. These include the Federal Direct Loan Program and the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Program.

Financing Options

The investment you and your family will make in your college education is significant, so we are pleased to recommend some financing options that may be helpful for you including the Bucknell monthly payment plan, the Bucknell tuition prepayment plan and loan options.

Student Employment

You can find opportunities for jobs on campus, which can give you work experience as well as income.