Discovery Residential College

Explore how science, technology, engineering and mathematics change the world every day. Participate in hands-on activities and visit sites of past breakthroughs. Gain a fresh perspective on STEM fields through the lenses of other disciplines, including history, philosophy and education.

The Discovery Residential College will challenge you to study the scientific process itself. Along the way, you'll hone critical thinking skills, grapple with ethical questions and seek evidence that is not always obvious. In one recent activity, students created a scale map of the solar system on Bucknell's campus. In another, they dove deep into questions surrounding the Challenger space shuttle.

Discovery College Student Staff

Bryson Fuhrer '27
Hometown: Knoxville, Pa.
Computer Science

Emily Gao '27
Hometown: Reading, Pa.

Zander Bauer '26
Hometown: Drums, Pa.
Chemical Engineering

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