Social Justice Residential College

In the Social Justice College, you'll find a community of activated, politically conscious, and engaged peers ready to create change.

"SoJo" is built on the principle that the concepts we explore in the classroom are a toolkit for living, organizing and acting outside the classroom. In class, you and your SoJo compatriots will grapple with the challenge of complex societal issues viewed through the intersections of age, ability, class, gender, race, religion and sexuality. During our common hours, you'll bring that knowledge to life in a fun and casual space — swapping stories, brainstorming action and building solidarity in real time. You'll also enjoy a day-long class trip (most recently, we traveled to Washington, DC, to visit the Museum of African American History and Culture, had dinner at activist hub and bookstore Busboys & Poets, and explored other cultural and political landmarks).

Social Justice Residential College Student Staff

Da'Mirah Vinson '26
Hometown: Parkville, Md.

Katie Schadler '26
Hometown: Reading, Pa.
English - Literary Studies


NIkash Kale '25
Hometown: Pleasanton, Calif.
Anthropology & Psychology

Ninah Jackson '25
Hometown: Waldorf, Md.
Education & Critical Black Studies

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