Signing Up for Residential Colleges

Class registration for fall semester opens in May. To sign up for a Residential College, select the Foundation Seminar associated with your choice of Residential College on your Course Registration Form. These courses are coded RESC.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Select the Residential College that most interests you.
  2. Choose a Foundation Seminar associated with that college.
  3. Select the Foundation Seminar of your choice on your Course Registration Form. Foundation Seminars are coded RESC. If you are interested in more than one Residential College or seminar, rank them in the order of your preference.
  4. You will receive a notice that you have selected a Residential College. Click the confirmation box in order to move to the next section of the form.
  5. Your housing assignment will reflect your choice, placing you on the same hall as the other members of your Residential College.

If you have any questions, contact:

Kelly Finley, Residential Colleges Program Director

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Residential Colleges


101 Smith Hall