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Dive into the great ideas of the humanities, from Plato to Poe, from ancient history to modern trends in human artistic production, including literature, philosophy, religion, history and more. Pursue and discover new interests and outlooks that sharpen your skill as a critical thinker.

In the Humanities Residential College, you'll encounter a variety of ways of approaching human production in art, literature, philosophy and history. Choose from three distinct courses in humanistic endeavors, all of which illuminate exciting and influential periods, movements, questions and approaches to humanity. Gain practical skills in argumentation and writing as you ponder some of the great questions and topics that have occupied the human mind for millennia.

Gather with classmates and faculty every week to enjoy snacks and discuss issues such as modern attitudes toward problematic historical monuments; humanity and its relationship to nature; and narrative patterns from the ancient world found in modern pop entertainment. You'll also attend theatre productions — both on campus and in New York City. At the end of the fall semester, you'll present research on the topic of your choice.

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Elmira Colpus '27
Hometown: North Falmouth, Mass.

Marco Ortiz-Sanchez '27
Hometown: Middletown, Pa.

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