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Professor Stephanie Larson stands in front of a chalk board while teaching a Women in Antiquities class.

Explore languages and cultures, past and present, in the Languages & Cultures Residential College.

Across time and place, human beings have developed radically different ways of seeing and understanding the world in which they live. In the Languages & Cultures Residential College, you will explore communal and creative human expressions of culture, from written texts to films, artwork, archaeological and historical artifacts and more. Indulge your curiosity as you learn about how humans have defined their realities, and compare these visions with your own modern identities.

As a member of the Languages & Cultures Residential College, you'll build skills in cross-cultural ways of seeing and gain knowledge of human-built cultural systems and the ramifications of these systems in both the historical and modern worlds.

You'll journey with students and professors to New York City, where you'll take in a theatre performance, dine at international restaurants and visit cultural destinations such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Closer to campus, you'll enjoy activities such as an architectural tour of Lewisburg — with a culminating stop at the historic Campus Theatre, one of the nation's few remaining art deco movie houses; a night immersed in the different languages and cultures presented at the annual Bucknell International Short Film Festival; incredible performance events at the Weis Center; a professional-level theatrical performance by Bucknell’s own students; and common hours where we will celebrate our residential college community with food and energizing discussion about current headlines from around the world.

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Esther Zhao '27
Hometown: Darien, Conn.


Riley Bossick '27
Hometown: Union Dale, Pa.
Applied Mathematics

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