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As you weigh colleges and universities against one another, how will you know which one is right for you? The following information can help you understand Bucknell's educational offerings and student outcomes, compare Bucknell to other schools and decide whether it’s the right fit for you.


Bucknell University students lead exciting and invigorating academic lives. Some participate in groundbreaking research, while others triumph on stage or in the studio. Caring faculty members are both teachers and mentors for these students in and out of the classroom. At the same time, they are also scholars who conduct research, publish widely, receive media coverage and receive grants from national organizations for their work.

Student Life, Health & Safety

Students so much enjoy their experience that a very high percentage of first-year students return as sophomores (see our Fact Book for current retention rates).

Tuition & Financial Aid

We are here to work with you and your family regarding financial need and aid. Any student who feels he or she needs assistance may apply for financial aid. We consider each family's situation and re-evaluate cases annually to accommodate changes in financial resources.

Student Success & Outcomes

One indicator of student satisfaction and student achievement is our high four-year and six-year graduation rates (see our Fact Book for current graduation rates).

Athlete Graduation Rates

Each year, the NCAA publicly announces the Graduation Success Rate of all Division I institutions, along with a similar Division II Academic Success Rate. 

To obtain the Graduation Rate Reports for Bucknell University Athletics, click the link below. Select "Bucknell University" from the school drop-down and then click "Search." The reports are available in PDF format for each cohort year. For the Graduation Success Rate by Sport report, click the PDF icon in the column labeled "GSR Rpt." For the Athlete vs. All Student Graduation Success Rate report, click the pdf icon in the column labeled "FGR Rpt."

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