Bucknell's Class of 2024: Ready for Their Next Chapter

May 9, 2024

After four years of perseverance and commitment, Bucknell University's Class of 2024 is ready to embark on a bright and promising future. These soon-to-be graduates have not only embraced academic challenges but have nurtured a wide range of passions and interests, evident in the diverse paths they are about to pursue. Whether they're stepping into full-time positions, advancing their education in graduate programs or dedicating themselves to volunteer endeavors, these seniors are equipped with the skills and character they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world. We're confident they'll be successful and make a positive impact wherever they go.

Maya Asante '24

Studied: environmental studies

What's Next? "As a business technology solutions analyst in the Government and Public Services division of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited in Harrisburg, Pa., I will collaborate with team members to solve multidimensional problems using technology-enabled approaches. While consulting may not be a conventional career path associated with my major, I was drawn to it to explore how my expertise in environmental studies could intersect with technology to create sustainable solutions. At Bucknell, environmental science majors learn to not only consider the natural impact of environmental issues but also the social impacts that can affect the public sector."

The Bucknell Advantage: "I was fortunate to have several experiences that prepared me for this role. My experience conducting biology research helped me develop my analytical and critical thinking skills, which will enable me to tackle complex problems I'll face in the workplace. My four years of work at the Bucknell Farm, where I served as a Student Farmer Leader, advanced my communication and collaboration skills. Interacting with a range of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with different leadership styles taught me the importance of being flexible and adaptable. These experiences helped me grow personally and provided a foundation for me to be a lifelong learner."

Lea Codispot '24

Portrait of Lea Codispot

Studied: business analytics & operations

What's Next? "I will be entering into the Analytics Development Program at Dick's Sporting Goods at their Coraopolis, Pa., location. Through a series of rotations in different departments, I'll learn about the business and become accustomed to the software that each analytics division uses. I worked as an intern for Dick's after my junior year and was positioned in the People and Purpose department — their version of Human Resources. I analyzed and found solutions for Dick's distribution center employee turnover by accessing a wide range of data including survey responses, demographic data and historical turnover trends. It gave me a taste of what will be expected of me in a full-time role, and I am excited to use the skills I sharpened to be a valuable asset to the company."

The Bucknell Advantage: "During my business analytics practicum course with Joe Wilck, [associate professor of practice in analytics & operations management], I had the opportunity to conduct analytics work and research for a client. We worked directly with the company's CEO and used company data to help them develop an AI-generated marketing solution that will assist sales representatives in pursuing leads. Every skill that I have learned in past analytics courses has proved to be pertinent to our work. I also worked with the Student Managed Investment Fund. Over two semesters, I and 19 other students managed $3 million of the University's endowment. In April 2023, six of us had the opportunity to present our portfolio to over 100 alumni and donors in New York City. The experience taught me financial skills that will help me speak intelligently outside of my analytics role in the workplace. The experience also helped me develop extensive research tactics and sharpened my decision-making skills."

Amber Cutler '24

Studied: psychology and English — creative writing

What's Next? "I will be a teaching assistant in the English Department at the University of Reno in Nevada, where I will also pursue my MFA in Creative Writing. I have been passionate about writing for almost 20 years. When I told people I wanted to be a writer, I'd often hear that I should pursue a 'real job.' But Bucknell helped me to manifest my dreams and set me on the path to success within the field."

The Bucknell Advantage: "I was fortunate to be part of the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program, which gave me access to all of the University's wonderful resources and enabled me to pursue my creative endeavors. I would have never attended Bucknell without the aid provided for scholars through this program. After transferring from Lehigh County Community College, I found a nurturing environment within Bucknell's English — Creative Writing department, where I received guidance and mentorship from English—creative writing professors Robert Rosenberg, Bix Gabriel, Joe Scapellato and others. Interning with Bucknell's literary journal West Branch exposed me to the publishing world and helped me gain hands-on experience in a professional capacity that will serve me beyond Bucknell."

Keri Gilligan '24

Portrait of Keri Gilligan

Studied: business analytics & operations

What's Next? "I will join Deloitte's Boston office as a business technology analyst in their Government & Public Services (GPS) consulting division. During my first year, I learned that Deloitte recruits for its GPS division directly from Bucknell, so through engaging with alumni mentors and career resources, I was able to secure an internship with the firm for summer 2023. For my full-time role, I will be supporting various government agencies in projects that can range from updating a legacy system to implementing change management. I am eager to apply the technical and interpersonal skills I have developed at Bucknell as I navigate the beginning of my professional career."

The Bucknell Advantage: "Through my coursework with the exceptional faculty in the Department of Analytics & Operations Management, I have learned how to break down complex problems, be comfortable with the uncomfortable and fail forward. My business analytics major has been rounded out by a wide range of courses in humanities and the social sciences to make me a more curious and practiced critical thinker. But it is what happens beyond the classroom that develops and roots learning. During my junior year, I joined Bucknell's inaugural Management in the Asia Pacific program. Through that experience, I grasped the importance of personal relationships in Asian business, gained firsthand insight into client interactions, and explored the distinct nuances of financial and technology markets in the Asia Pacific region. I became skilled at networking and business etiquette thanks to the Freeman College's Office of Experiential Learning, and have gained invaluable mentors — notably Nick Palmer '17, Laura Lanwermeyer and Trey Lauletta '15 — who have instilled confidence and given me the self-assurance to tackle challenges in the future."

Lucas Hill '24

Studied: international relations

What's Next? "I will be an Armor Lieutenant with the U.S. Army. l will report first at Fort Knox in Kentucky, and later at Fort Moore in Georgia. After four years in that role, I'll transition to becoming a military intelligence officer. My inclination toward military service has always been strong. I've wanted to build upon the sacrifice of veterans who worked to uphold and protect democracy after 9/11. This was a significant factor in my decision to enroll in Bucknell's ROTC program. As an Army officer, I anticipate being constantly challenged, and tasked with troubleshooting and leading soldiers, which will be extremely fulfilling."

The Bucknell Advantage: "The Bucknell Army ROTC Program had a major impact on my life. It provided me with valuable career opportunities and facilitated my personal growth. I participated in the Project Global Officer Arabic program, funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office, which fully immersed me in studying Arabic. I also attended Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, and did a Defense Threat Reduction Agency Wargaming internship in Arlington, Va., — all possible through my ROTC connections. Beyond those experiences, I received consistent guidance from Lieutenant Colonel Jason Rock, who took a personal interest in helping me become a better officer and leader. On the academic side, Professor David Mitchell [political science and international relations] provoked my intellectual curiosity and challenged me academically. His National Security Policy course influenced my decision to pursue a career in national security."

Lydia Hybels '24

Studied: economics and international relations

What's Next? "I will be a client services associate at AlphaSights, a firm that connects investors and business leaders with the information they need to succeed. I'll be based in New York City and will be supporting blue-chip clients by identifying experts across the globe who can help them on time-sensitive projects. The goal is to provide my clients with knowledge that will enable them to make the best possible business decisions and contribute to a productive economy."

The Bucknell Advantage: "I first encountered AlphaSights at a Bucknell Center for Career Advancement career fair, where I landed an internship opportunity for the summer of 2023. At that point, I wasn't familiar with expert network firms; I only knew that I was interested in the field of economics or international relations. At AlphaSights, I learned about their commitment to providing 'knowledge on demand,' and working in that environment helped me become more proactive, curious and adaptable. During my internship, I could draw upon my experience as an admissions ambassador. Through conducting campus tours, I honed my ability to communicate effectively, build connections and problem-solve autonomously. These skills will continue to benefit me beyond Bucknell."

Abigail Kates '24

Portrait of Abby Kates

Studied: markets, innovation & design

What's Next? "After spending the summer of 2023 as a business marketing intern in the product office of Barclays U.S. Consumer Bank segment, I am thrilled to be returning full-time as a graduate analyst. Through the Barclays rotational program, I will work in three different areas of the business over the next two years. These areas will range from the innovation center, product development, partnership management, face-to-face marketing and more! Barclays prides itself on its innovative culture and rich history, so I am extremely excited to join such a forward-thinking environment."

The Bucknell Advantage: "This summer my managers complimented me on my diligence and attention to detail, which my experience at Bucknell helped cultivate. The Freeman College of Management, particularly MGMT 101 and MIDE 300, enhanced my presentation skills and confidence in public speaking. My poised delivery of key information to stakeholders this summer set me apart from other interns. Something extraordinary about Bucknell is the faculty's attentiveness to students. I always felt comfortable approaching my professors with questions and ideas. This gave me the confidence to speak up in meetings at Barclays to offer new perspectives. Further, being a student-athlete at such a rigorous university has instilled in me immense time-management skills. Lastly, being named a captain of Bucknell's Track & Field team has afforded me the invaluable opportunity to grow in my leadership and teamwork skills."

Emma Lamberti '24

Studied: music

What's Next? "I will be earning a master's of music education at Indiana University Bloomington at the Jacobs School of Music while serving as an associate instructor. My specific interest and overall career goal is to focus on music education accessibility for students with disabilities. My journey toward this goal traces back to high school. During voice lessons, my instructor noticed my struggles with reading sheet music. After some tests, I learned I have a learning disability that requires me to both hear and read information to secure it within my long-term memory. Having a music teacher who understood and accommodated my disability was profoundly impactful and sparked my interest in enhancing educational opportunities for all students."

The Bucknell Advantage: "At Bucknell, I have had so many opportunities to develop as a musician. From conducting the Bucknell University Choir, to being the student manager of the handbells, to engaging in the Voice Lab and directing the acapella group Two Past Midnight, each experience has been instrumental in shaping me into the musician I am today. These experiences not only helped me develop my musical skills but also equipped me with the academic rigor that will enable me to succeed at the conservatory level."

Taylor LaMantia '24

Studied: engineering and management for engineers

What's Next? "I will be working as a software engineer as part of Netflix's New Grad Program Software Engineer Team in Los Angeles. I am hoping to continue doing work that is data-focused and can provide analytical insights and models on the content or consumer side. When I received the offer from Netflix, it wasn't even a question for me to say yes to a role where I would be able to work in an industry environment in the entertainment space whose product is centered around people, and where I could tie in the creative and technical skills that I got from marketing classes in the Freeman College of Management."

The Bucknell Advantage: "I chose Bucknell my junior year of high school when I was going through the recruiting process for lacrosse. I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to be doing with my future at the moment, but knew I had an interest in engineering as someone very inclined toward math and science. I also liked working with people and thought I could see myself potentially pursuing a role in finance. As soon as I heard about the 5-year engineering and management dual bachelor's degree program, where I could receive both a bachelor's in engineering and a bachelor's in management, I knew Bucknell was the perfect school for me. My courses, particularly the electrical and computer engineering design courses, were always geared very specifically to the kind of thinking and representations that a software engineer would need to be able to provide in the industry. I could not have been more prepared for my final round of Netflix interviews, which consisted of designing a solution to a problem by utilizing these very representations that we had been working to improve for our Senior Design course problem. Bucknell has truly prepared me for reaching the career goals that I strived for."

Bernadette Maramis '24

Studied: political science and minored in philosophy

What's Next? "I will be working as a litigation paralegal in New York City for Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP. I will support attorneys throughout each phase of the litigation process, playing a role in the behind-the-scenes work necessary for a successful trial, including conducting factual research, producing legal documentation and preparing for deposition. My parents inspired me to pursue a career in law and advocacy work. Their decision to leave their home and start anew in America instilled in me a strong sense of purpose and responsibility that ultimately inspired me to use my education, voice and background as an Indonesian-American to effect positive change through advocacy work."

The Bucknell Advantage: "My classes and engagement in Bucknell Student Government have been instrumental in preparing me for this next chapter of my life. My academic coursework has taught me how to engage in efficient research and writing practices that will be quintessential to my role as a litigation paralegal. Serving as the 2022 Executive President of Bucknell Student Government provided me with invaluable leadership experience. We held quarterly meetings with President Bravman, the dean of students and the provost, in which we engaged in dialogue and tangible action plans to ensure that the needs and concerns of all Bucknellians — especially those of underserved communities — were heard. Holistically, my experiences at Bucknell strengthened my organizational, communication and leadership skills, which will help me be successful in the legal profession."

Dylan Matase '24

Studied: civil engineering

What's Next? "At Traylor Brothers, Inc., I will be working as a field engineer in their underground construction division. This means that I will be a part of the team managing the everyday construction activities to build tunnels, shafts and other underground structures. Tunnels made by Traylor are used for subways, wastewater and municipal water. I am excited to be a part of the delivery of such monumental infrastructure projects and have a lasting positive effect on communities across the nation."

The Bucknell Advantage: "I had an internship at H&K Group, a civil contracting and construction materials firm, which helped me gain real experience in the heavy civil construction industry on the management side of things. This helped me in my post-graduation job search by giving me leverage to access opportunities that wouldn't have been previously available to me. I also feel that my senior design project has given me a taste of the real world by allowing me to work on a real project preparing a schedule, cost estimate and a construction animation. The technical skills I've gained at Bucknell, along with learning how to work effectively on teams and settle differences, has set me on a good path for my career."

Ryleigh McGaw '24

Studied: accounting

What's Next? "I will be an incoming audit associate at PwC in their private division in New York City. In my position, I'll have a variety of client service responsibilities, including conducting full financial statement audits for clients while working within a team. During my internship this past summer, I had the opportunity to work on three different accounts that exposed me to the range of private companies PwC has as clients. I was part of a small team that helped with the planning phase of the audit. This experience allowed me to learn about PwC's internal systems and also showed me the company's tight-knit community and client-oriented focus."

The Bucknell Advantage: "At Bucknell, I had access to amazing academic resources, small classes and hands-on learning. I realized my passion for accounting when I took Accounting 101 with Professor Kate Suslava [accounting] during my first year. Through her advice, I learned about the possible career opportunities in accounting and how the Freeman College could help me prepare for career success. In particular, through my audit course with Professor Amber Lawson, I learned the phases of a financial statement audit and how to work within a team to reach a deadline. Many of my courses had a focus on teamwork and collaboration, which translates greatly to the real world."

Nikhil Patel '24

Portrait of Nikhil Patel

Studied: finance

What's Next? "As an analyst on the investment team at LLR Partners in Philadelphia, I will be focused on making investments in growth-stage software companies as well as monitoring these investments and helping to improve the companies in our portfolio. A key part of my job is completing financial analyses on potential investments and building relationships with the management teams of these companies. During my internship with the company in the summer of 2023, I was immediately treated as a professional and given responsibility early on. I honed my skills in financial analyses, learned many new ways to analyze a company, and built my knowledge of private equity. I'm excited to use this experience in my role as an analyst to make myself useful right away."

The Bucknell Advantage: "The holistic nature of the Freeman College curriculum is extremely beneficial. While I initially wanted to focus purely on finance classes, getting exposure to all aspects of business is what made me stand out as a job candidate. Even in my finance role, I'm using things I learned in my marketing and business analytics classes. After just my first year, I interned with TekniPlex, where I focused on corporate development mergers and acquisitions and learned what it was like to grow a company. I loved that work, and after many conversations with mentors and Bucknell alumni, realized that private equity was an area where I could have this same experience on a larger scale. I found a great Bucknell community at LLR Partners, which led to my internship and now my full-time role there."

Reece Pauling '24

Portrait of Reece Pauling

Studied: environmental studies and critical Black studies

What's Next? "I'll be attending the Yale School of the Environment to pursue a master's degree in environmental management with a specialization in people, equity and the environment. At Bucknell, I conducted research and took on leadership roles that enabled me to learn that I possess the power to persuade, inspire, communicate and lead others who share a common goal for the good of all people and the environment. At Yale, I will also learn about policy and the power it holds, which will allow me to navigate tough decisions and equip myself to face worldwide environmental issues. My long-term goal is to work with the Environmental Protection Agency in the Department of Environmental Justice and/or Laws and Regulations. I hope that I can serve as a resource to decrease the overall racial disparity in environmentalism regarding the lack of clean, green outdoor spaces and recreation areas for communities of color."

The Bucknell Advantage: "At Bucknell, I focused on community-engaged learning within the environmental realm to address the position in which communities of color, especially the Black community, can benefit from environmental initiatives. I implemented a prison garden project, which uses horticultural therapy techniques to promote the mental and physical well-being of incarcerated individuals. Additionally, I participated in a research project in Kenya, which focused on the comparative advantage of land use options for community members. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and a Black Student Union executive board member, I expanded my leadership experience and learned that leadership isn't only about setting an example but engaging others in your goals and mission so that you can develop more leaders who are in pursuit of the same goals."

Matt Repke '24

Studied: biology

What's Next? "I'll be embarking on a two-year gap period before pursuing medical school, during which I'll serve as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for Good Fellowship Ambulance & EMS Training Institute in West Chester, Pa. I'm eager to enhance my skills by progressing from an EMT to an advanced EMT, which will broaden my scope of practice and allow me to administer more advanced life support interventions to patients. After obtaining that certification, I plan to volunteer as an advanced EMT, responding to 911 calls while also pursuing two research projects — one focusing on emergency medicine and another on cancer pulmonology."

The Bucknell Advantage: "I initially chose Bucknell because of its small class sizes, which allow students to form meaningful connections with professors. I also knew that I wanted to get involved with biology research early in my college career, and Bucknell provided me with the resources to achieve that goal. Through Bucknell's partnership with Lewisburg's William Cameron Engine Company and my involvement with the Student Emergency Response Volunteers club, I gained invaluable exposure to emergency medical care. The time I have spent with this first responder community deepened my desire to work in EMS and affirmed my goal of pursuing a career as a physician."

Colbey Russell '24

Colbey Russell

Studied: education and psychology

What's Next? "I'm continuing my role as Deputy Director of Bucknell's Department of Public Safety and as a community educator who works to increase awareness around self-defense, de-escalation, leadership development and mental health first aid. Balancing my responsibilities as a full-time employee and student at the University has provided me with a unique perspective and skill set that I will carry forward in my professional life."

The Bucknell Advantage: "When I graduated from Mifflinburg High School in 2011, I aspired to become a secondary education teacher in physics and mathematics. I attended two semesters of college before life took me in a different direction. I wanted to have a positive role in my community, which led me to a position with Bucknell's Department of Public Safety. As my time with Bucknell progressed, I recognized the opportunity to further my education while continuing to contribute to the University community. I was fortunate to be able to build positive relationships with faculty and students inside and outside the classroom. It enhanced my sense of belonging at Bucknell while also strengthening my commitment to the University and making the campus more equitable and inclusive."

Jake Schaefer '24

Studied: mechanical engineering

What's Next? "I'll be joining Northrop Grumman as a structural analysis engineer in Baltimore. I've always loved physics and have been fascinated with figuring out why the world was built in the unique way it was. Studying mechanical engineering at Bucknell has provided me the opportunity to answer the most basic questions about the world."

The Bucknell Advantage: "As a Presidential Fellow, I have been doing research with Professor Benjamin Wheatley [mechanical engineering], since freshman year and he's taught me countless skills, ranging from public speaking to finite element analysis. Both of these things in particular helped me to stand out amongst other interns in the past summer, and will continue to be valuable skills in the future."


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